Customer's point of view

  • “Design, interior, staff uniform––whatever and wherever you look at in ZAGIN restaurant–– does not give away the impression of a ramen shop. The striking presentation of the dishes or the creamy chicken white broth; things that you have never tasted or seen in a ramen shop before.”
  • “A welcoming atmosphere that female customers can visit on their own or can also be used for a date.”
  • “Each and every employee seems to take pride in working at ZAGIN.”
  • “1200 yen - 1300 yen per bowl is such a great price range for what you get.” 
  • デザイン、インテリア、スタッフユニフォーム・・・何を見ても従来のラーメン屋とは違う。特徴的なデコレーション今まで口にしたことの無い味わいのクリーミーな鶏白湯スープのラーメン
  • 女性客一人でも気兼ねなく利用でき、デートでも利用できる雰囲気
  • 従業員の一人ひとりにプライドがみなぎっている
  • 一杯1200~1300円は十分納得感のある価格


Characteristics of the businessビジネスとして

  • The chicken white broth made with carefully selected ingredients; this broth is extracted by ZAGIN’s own unique method until it becomes rich and creamy, making the most of whole chicken
  • Product development that will always be the object of interest to high-end customers in the city
  • The factory produced soup (only the last stage of the process is done in the restaurant) 
  • Maintaining the high price range by achieving a high degree of perfection in each dish
  • Having the headquarters do the soup making, which is the time-consuming part of the business, means that staff can concentrate on providing a high level of service 
  • The high unit price that maintains the profit margin high even after the amount of time and effort is subtracted 
  • No oil, no smoke, no cooking odour inside the restaurant 
  • Customer service that is modelled on the Japanese airline CA’s
  • Visually attractive space 
  • Operating business while showing gratitude to everyone involved, and an educational system that develops this attitude
  • 原材料までこだわった鶏白湯スープ。鶏を最大限に活かす独自技能で抽出し濃厚でクリーミー。
  • 常にその街のハイエンドなお客様の興味関心の対象であり続ける商品作り
  • スープは店で炊かずに、工場生産。しかし最後の一手間を店舗でプラス。
  • 一杯の完成度を高くすることで、高価格帯を保つ
  • 手間のかかるスープ作りは本部が行うので、店舗では未経験者が高いレベルのサービスを提供出来ます。
  • 高単価なので、手間暇の分を差し引いても利益率は高くなる商品
  • 匂いが出ない、油が出ない、煙が出ない
  • 日系航空会社の客室乗務員の接遇をモデルにした接客
  • 佇まいにこだわる空間提供
  • 配送業者さん等、店に関わる全ての人に対する感謝心を持った運営。それを作り出す教育システム



  • Initial investment: USD 250,000 per store
  • Number of administrators/ managers required: min. 1 
  • Required store area: 60㎡ -130㎡
  • Number of workers per store: min. 6 
  • 初期投資:1店舗当たりUSD250,000
  • 必要な管理者数:1名~
  • 必要な店舗面積:60㎡~130
  • 1店舗当たり労働者数:6名~